Running Dynamics Pod

Running Dynamics Pod

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The Running Dynamics Pod has an accelerometer in the module that measures torso movement to calculate these 6 running metrics:

  • Cadence - the number of steps per minute. It displays the total steps (right and left combined).
  • Ground contact time balance - the left/right balance of your ground contact time while running. Displayed as a percentage. (e.g 53.2 with an arrow pointing left or right.)
  • Stride length - the length of your stride from 1 footfall to the next. Measured in meters.
  • Vertical oscillation - your bounce while running. It displays the vertical motion of your torso, measured in centimeters for each step.
  • Vertical ratio - the ratio of vertical oscillation to stride length. It displays a percentage. A lower number typically indicates better running form.
  • Ground contact time - the amount of time in each step that you spend on the ground while running. It is measured in milliseconds.

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²When the compatible device is paired with compatible smartphone