Top 4 must-have products for the Cayman Marathon

In early December, many of the island's top runners as well as beginner runners will be tackling the highly anticipated Cayman Islands Marathon sponsored by Walkers. The monthly training will have paid off, the familiar support will be there but what about your products? How will the purchases you made last in this upcoming challenge? Here's 4 top must-have products from Sportista that will make your Marathon journey a whole lot smoother.

Nathan Hydration Vest

This 1.5L hydration bladder pack provides a low profile, minimalist way to comfortably wear your water and bring along other essential items on your journey. Features front storage for nutrition and phone.

HUMA Hydration Packs

For longer training sessions (45 min+), replenishing your body's unique electrolyte/carbohydrate balance is critical. Huma is great for both: use Huma Hydration with low carbs/high electrolytes for short workouts, and Huma Hydration + Huma Energy Gels for your long workouts.

Body Glide Chafing Balm

Body Glide products help prevent rubbing that causes irritation, rash, chafing, blisters and raw skin. They are non-oily, invisible and blend into your skin.

Garmin Smartwatch

Unleash your full potential with Garmin's GPS running watches designed to power your marathon journey. These sport watches have a wealth of features to help you plan, prepare and perform at your best.