Privacy Policy

Any and all information collected and stored will be used in relation to your order(s) and/or sending you product or store information that is most relevant to your interests. This also includes, but is not limited to, customizing your experience on our site to promote relevant content to you.


We collect information such as:

First and last name: to identify your order with you for fulfilment, pickup, delivery, and payment accuracy

Email addresses: to send you information about your order such as but not limited to pickup/delivery times, payment options, and stock availability and/or promotional material if you consented to that option

Phone numbers: to send you information about your order such as but not limited to pickup/delivery times, payment options, and stock availability

Physical addresses: to accurately deliver your order and/or provide appropriate returns, exchanges, and/or monetary transactions such as but not limited to order payments

Device information: to understand areas of improvement and growth in terms of our site usability and navigation

Location: to understand and better serve customers from a variety of locations in order to explore and minimize shipping costs and fees as well as manage delivery staff

Referral information: in order to best understand our top referrals which help maximize our marketing and advertising efforts

Returning customer information: in order to link past and current orders with their appropriate placers to consider reward, loyalty options and understand product reports and movement of inventory