Polaris Hand Torch 400RX

Polaris Hand Torch 400RX

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With up to 26 hours, you have a long lasting light designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you run without having to grip the light.


Adjustable hand strap and grip free design allows for your Polaris 400RX Hand Torch to fit in your hand comfortably while you run.

  • Designed to fit your hand comfortably and grip-free
  • The unique 24-degree torch light angle ensures the beam will illumined any obstructions on the road or trail ahead.
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable via enhanced Micro B USB port. Saves you money on batteries and is more sustainable
  • Burn time: High 7+ hours, Medium – 14+ hours, Low – 26+ hours
  • IPX4 Weather-resistant
  • 2 LEDs - Front: Cree White LED (400+ Max Lumens), Back: Red LED (8 Lumens)
  • Rear strobe alerts cars and cyclist of your presence
  • Materials: Hand Strap: 100% Polyester | Hand Torch: ABS 35%, TPE 12.2%, PC 5%, AL 6.7%, Cu 0.5%, Mn 0.5%, Silicone 0.5% Polyester 3.7%, SBR rubber 4.4% , Li-ion battery 30.9%
  • Prop 65 Warning